• Learn Angular Js For beginners

Learn to build fast websites 
Angular allows your application to have an expanded HTML library. Learn to add behaviour to your HTML and speed up your application’s responsiveness. Angular js is famous for creating single page application which is known as SPA. There is a website called madewithangular that displays some of the projects and applications that have been created using Angular js.
Who is This Course for? 
This course is aimed at absolute beginners who want learn about Angular Js. 
Basic Knowledge of HTML 
Basic Knowledge of CSS 
Basic Knowledge of JavaScript 
Angular Terminologies 
Angular js has a lot of big words that you will come across. 
Words like directives ,controllers ,scopes,modules,filters ,binding expressions 
MVC and much more. We will cover some of them in this course. 
What You will learn: 
What is Angular js 
How to download and reference Angular js 
What is MVC and MV * Architecture 
What is a Module and how to create a Module 
What is a Controller and how to create a Controller 
How to register a controller with a module 
What is a Scope 
What are binding expressions 
What are directives and how to use them 
How to use ng-app directive to bootstrap your application

Learn Angular Js For beginners

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