• jQuery Essential Training

Looking to add dynamic content, third-party data, or animation to your websites and apps? Look no further.  this course, introduces jQuery, an open-source JavaScript library that simplifies the process of adding advanced functionality to web projects. First, learn how to use jQuery to extract page content and manipulate that content with jQuery and some simple CSS. Next, learn to build new, dynamic page content on the fly, and use jQuery events to respond to user actions. Finally, discover how to add animation and effects from jQuery's built-in library, and access remote data via AJAX. how to solve real-world design problems with jQuery.

Topics include:

Using selectors and filters to extract information

Creating, inserting, and manipulating webpage content

Understanding jQuery statement chaining

Using CSS to position content

Building event handlers

Showing, hiding, and fading page elements with jQuery

Creating custom animations

Accessing external data with AJAX

jQuery Essential Training

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