• CSS Fundamentals

this course, offers a high-level overview of Cascading Style Sheets. This course explores the basic concepts, terminology, and tools of the language. Beginning with an exploration of CSS syntax, James explains how CSS modifies text, borders, backgrounds, and color; demonstrates CSS and HTML integration; and contextualizes the current state of CSS. The course also tours some of the most popular CSS editors and frameworks and lists online tools and resources for further study. This course is for people who want a big-picture overview before taking hands-on courses.

Topics include:

* Understanding basic selector types

* Integrating CSS with HTML

* Examining browser rendering differences

* Exploring CSS specifications

* Checking browser support

* Understanding the box model

* Adjusting margins and padding

* Positioning elements

* Exploring basic layout concepts

* Understanding media queries

* Introducing CSS3

* Using CSS Reset

CSS Fundamentals

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