•  Visual Studio 2015 Essentials Code Editors Tutorial
Visual Studio's code editors are much more powerful and 
customizable than most developers realize. Join
 this course and learn how to configure Visual 
Studio's settings to suit your workflow. Walt shows how to 
code more efficiently with IntelliSense; collaborate with 
other developers using comments and change tracking; 
refactor code; create formatting rules for C#, C++, HTML 
and JavaScript; navigate existing code; and use snippets to 
insert small sections of boiler plate code. With these 
tools and techniques, you can write code faster with fewer 

Topics include: 

* Exploring the code editor window and default settings 

* Commenting code 

* Using hover tips and IntelliSense 

* Tracking changes 

* Refactoring code 

* Formatting and arranging code 

* Navigating and inspecting code 

* Using the Task List 

* Working with snippets and smart tags

Visual Studio 2015 Essentials Code Editors Tutorial

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