• Building Mobile Apps with Google Maps Android API

Maps make mobile apps more useful; they can help users find businesses and areas of interest, get directions, or gain insights into new communities. In this course, learn to add interactive maps to your Android apps with Google Maps Android API. learn how to set up the tools, get an API key, and import and link to Google Play services. After an introduction to presenting simple maps with the MapView and MapFragment classes, the course describes how to set a map’s initial state, switch between different map types, work with map markers, draw shapes, and work with zoom controls, the My Location button, and various user gestures. Finally, learn to add a map to an existing app and prepare it for distribution.
Note: An Android device with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher, and that has Google Play Store installed, is required to use the course exercises. (Kindle Fire and Nook devices do not qualify.)
Topics include:
   Setting up the developer tools
   Adding required permissions
   Getting a Google Maps API key
   Importing and linking the Google Play services
   Setting a map’s initial state
   Geocoding an address
   Getting the current location programmatically
   Adding map markers
   Handling marker events
   Drawing lines, polygons, and circles
   Adding maps to existing apps

Building Mobile Apps with Google Maps Android API

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