• Distributing Android Apps

Once you've created an Android app, you can distribute 
it in multiple ways, but the primary channel is through the 
Google Play Store. In this course, the course shows you how to publish your app on Google Play and 
provides a brief overview of the alternatives offered by 
Amazon and other vendors. The process starts with packaging 
the app for distribution, sideloading an application 
package (APK) file on your own devices for testing, and 
implementing some basic protections. Then you'll learn to 
publish your app on Google Play, where you'll set pricing 
and track app usage. The final chapter contains information 
for developers who are also interested in distributing apps 
through Amazon 
Topics include: 
* Packaging an Android app 
* Distributing through Google vs. Amazon and other app 
* Generating a signed APK file 
* Testing the app 
* Protecting an app with ProGuard 
* Registering and publishing apps with Google Play 
* Adding in-app products 
* Tracking app usage and revenue in Google Play 
* Submitting an app to Amazon  

Distributing Android Apps

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