• Xamarin iOS

Complete Xamarin.iOS Reference for Building iOS Apps in C#. Web Calls, Images, Controls, Animations and Much More! 
This course is designed to be the complete reference guide for building apps in Xamarin.iOS. I will teach you iOS specific lessons that cover most of the code you will ever need! 
Take this course and you will go from beginner to completely proficient. No more translating of Objective-C or Swift code to try make your Xamarin.iOS application work. Now you have all the C# and .Net coding answers contained in this course! 
What You'll Learn: 
Basic C# (optional) 
Make your First Xamarin.iOS App 
Basic UI Elements on iOS 
Advanced UI Elements on iOS 
Xamarin Designer for iOS 
Table Views (scrolling lists) 
Collection Views 
iOS Specific Layouts 
Event, Protocols and Delegates 
Foreground and Background Threading 
Resources and Images 
App Icons and Launch Screens 
Simple and Advanced Animation Techniques 
iOS File System Structure 
Reading and Writing Directories and Files 
Working with JSON 
Making Web Calls

Xamarin iOS

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