• Create Android and iOS App using HTML, CSS and JS with the Ionic Framework.

Start developing apps for Android & iOS just by writing code using HTML, CSS and JS with the Ionic Framework.

This course is an essential for Web Developers, Professionals and Students who wish to develop Mobile Apps using the web development skills they have (HTML, CSS and JS).

At the end of this course, you will be capable enough to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS using the web development skills you already have. We will start by using basic Ionic Components. While the course, you will learn how to use Angular [dot] js to build dynamic apps that update in real time. The course will also introduce you to Parse, an amazing Platform as a Service which allows users to store their app data on the cloud and lets the developer completely focus on their app instead of worrying about the server. We will learn how to store data on Parse and then manipulate it using our Ionic Application.

Finally, we will learn to deploy Ionic applications on real Android Devices.

The aim of this course is not to cover as much Ionic components as possible but to create an Application with as minimum components as we can so that user can easily use the application. We will make a dynamic app that updates its data in real time using Parse.

We will create a Friends List Android App that contains the list of friends which can be extended by adding new friends to the list, deleting friends or updating data for existing friends. This idea can be extended to build a cloud based contacts manager app. This app will your thought process rolling and you will start thinking in terms of Ionic Framework.

And once you have started, sky is the limit.
What are the requirements?

Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS and JS.
Very Basic knowledge of Angular.js is an additional advantage.

What am I going to get from this course?

Set up development environment for Ionic Framework
Download and Install Ionic Framework and Prerequisites
Understand Basic Ionic Templates
Connecting Ionic Apps to Parse.com
Interacting with Parse.com
Test Apps in the Browser
Test Apps on the Real Devices

What is the target audience?

Students and Professionals who have Web Development skills and want to develop mobile Apps as well.
Developers who wish to expand their skill set.
Students who want to start in Mobile App Development.

Create Android and iOS App using HTML, CSS and JS with the Ionic Framework.

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