• Creating a Responsive Homepage Marquee

While there are plenty of prebuilt sliders, carousels, and marquee tools available for free on the web, there will come a time when you need a design that's more custom. this course shows you how to build your own responsive promotional marquee from the ground up with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The end result is interactive, attractive, and responsive, adapting both the content and user experience to fit small screens. The skills you learn will allow you to build the marquee featured in the course, create your own design, or modify the prebuilt galleries you find on the web.

Topics include:
  • Creating SEO-friendly markup for the marquee data
  • Linking CSS and JavaScript files
  • Adding and populating an HTML debug area
  • Creating a marquee timer
  • Injecting HTML markup
  • Creating navigation buttons
  • Halting animations based on user interaction
  • Loading and cross-fading content
  • Styling the marquee with CSS
  • Setting up the timer and interactions with JavaScript
  • Using media queries for more precise responsiveness

Creating a Responsive Homepage Marquee

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