• How To Use GMAIL To Maximize Your Productivity

Master the basics of composing, sending, and replying to email in Gmail, Google's powerful email service. course shows how to best organize and work with your inbox, search email, and use shortcuts so you're more productive and effective. Then learn how to configure your Gmail account and settings—from adding additional email accounts to configuring desktop alerts and notifications. Find out how to keep track of your most important contacts by creating and editing groups and then chat with others using the Google Chat feature.also shows you some of the cool extras in Google Labs and demonstrates how to access your Gmail account on other clients and mobile devices.

Topics include:

  • Changing themes and inbox types

  • Composing and sending messages

  • Replying to email

  • Inserting images and attachments

  • Labeling and filtering email

  • Creating filters to automatically process messages

  • Adding additional email accounts to Gmail

  • Creating contacts and contact groups

  • Initiating text and video chats

  • Using keyboard shortcuts

  • Accessing Gmail on a mobile device

How To Use GMAIL To Maximize Your Productivity

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