• Coding in Julia

This Julia beginner programming course is specifically designed for beginners to programming. In this course, you will not only learn a powerful programming language taught in MIT and Stanford, but also internalize practical programming techniques and habits. This will help you become a good programmer and problem-solver, aiding you to learn other languages. By the end of this course, you will have the basics of Julia and be capable and confident to continue learning programming on your own. 
We will be using the Julia programming language to achieve our aim. Julia is a new language developed in MIT, and taught in major universities such as Stanford, Cornell University, Purdue University, and so on. It gathers the best practices from interpreted languages like Python, Ruby, Javascript, and the best from compiled languages like C/C++ and FORTRAN. It is easy to learn, yet very practical to do real development work. Some examples of what can be done on Julia include data processing, quick scripting of repetitive office tasks like mail merge, creating high-performance time-critical components like financial and cryptographic algorithms, writing interactive web applications, and the list goes on. 
Everything in this course, from the way we present concepts in the lectures to make them easy to absorb; and the tricky questions in the quizzes that reveal your weakness in the content so we can work on it further; to the intellectual exchange we foster in the lecture discussions; everything is exquisitely crafted to maximise your learning potential with us.

Coding in Julia

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